SHIBUYA SKY consists of three zones:
SKY GATE (a transition space from the 14F to the 45F),
SKY STAGE (an outdoor observation space)
and SKY GALLERY (an indoor observation corridor on the 46F).

This is an observation installation that will cultivate your power of imagination by stimulating your intellectual curiosity through a series of experiences in addition to allowing you to take in a 360° view that stretches out from 229 m up in the sky of Shibuya.

A path to opening your senses

In every era, we have climbed higher to discover something new.
Leave the everyday world behind and liberate your senses.

A hall of beginnings away from your everyday life.

A transition pod that will take you up the extraordinary.

A leading line toward the entrance to freedom.

A stage flung open to the sky

Shibuya at your feet, Tokyo all around you—both connected
to the world beyond. At the center of everything you stand, one with the sky.

The boundary with the sky overlooking Shibuya.

A hammock in the sky to imagine the future.

An observation compass to look around and imagine the world beyond.

Light that leads to the sky to mark the passage of time.